Become An Alternative Career Affiliate!Earn passive income in this super easy side hustle while also helping your fellow healthcare professionals find their passion and break free from burnout!


Want a side hustle or to earn extra income? We'd love to have you help share our message, and we'll even pay you too!

You may be wondering what an affiliate is? It's someone that helps share other businesses message or product and when someone signs up due to your help, then you can earn money or products. Pretty neat and easy, right?

Some programs you could share to others:

How does our affiliate program work?

It's pretty easy, when you see a post on social media and you think one of our programs would be helpful then you simply mention your affiliate link or special coupon. That coupon has a tracking on it that helps us know you sent that person to us. If they make a purchase then you'll 10% of that purchase.


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We'll make you a unique link and a code for you to share online anywhere you choose or via word of mouth to friends. 


When someone makes a purchase with your link/code, you'll earn 10%!We pay at the end of each month.

Examples:You see someone post on social media that they would love to become a certified dementia practitioner. You could reply to their post or comment and share that Alternative Healthcare Careers has a CDP program and that they could get 10% off by using your code: ______ or by copying your link and sharing that with them as well.  
If you have a podcast, website or do webinars, you can share your code/link on your website, social media or when you are on your podcast.

Let's team up!

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