The cheapest PT continuing education platform

The cheapest PT continuing education platform

Do you want to know what platform gives you unlimited physical therapy continuing education credits for only $99. is the cheapest unlimited CEU provider that I've discovered. But, is it worth $99 and how does it compare to other platforms that may be more expensive? 

What is It is a continuing education provider. They offer both live webinar courses, so that you can satisfy your in person CEU criteria if you state has this rule, and they also have online courses which you can take for credits any time of the day. 

Their subscription offers unlimited live and online courses for just $99 a year. So for just $99, you could take all of your required CEU credits for each biannaual period of your license. 

They have roughly 20 different CEU topics, including ATP, seating, orthopedics, home health, private practice, neurology,  pediatrics. Basically, they have a very well rounded topic selection. And for each topic, there are 8-10 courses per category. For example, in tne "wound care" topic, there were 9 courses and there were 11 in the wheelchair and seating topic. Each courrse was 2 credits. So if you took all the courses in just one topic, you would easily meet your CEU criteria for your PT license renewal.  

Essentially, there are plenty of courses in their library. 

Accessing each course is easy and takes just 2 clicks and completing each course is performed in just a couple clicks and taking a short 10 question multiple choice quiz. 

Here is a video detailing why you should choose 

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Emma Shapiro PT,DPT

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