Alternative Healthcare Careers Business Round Table and Live Q&A

Watch our live and interactive online event to help you understand the different healthcare agency and business models available and take action with clarity on the business of your dreams!Replay below!

Learning + Action!

What you'll learn in this video:We had 5 amazing presenters who are devoted to helping you understand the different therapy and healthcare business models on to discuss each different business model they use to run their various therapy practices.

What You'll Learn

Home Healthcare Agency

Dr. Mike Chua PT,DPT owns his own home healthcare agency and performs Dementia care and consulting. He'll be going over how to start your own home health agency and Dementia agency.

Brick and Mortar, Companion Care, Home Health Combination

Michelle Eliason, MS, OTR, C.D.S, CKTS is an experienced OT who runs here own therapy clinic, companion care and home health agency. And yes, PTAs and COTAs can do this! 

Assisted Living Contracting/Mobile/Home Health Hybrid Care Agency

Dr. Jimmy Stout PT,DPT and his speech therapist wife own a business contracting with several assisted living facilities and skilled nursing facilities. He'll share how you can get started with your own agency. And yes PTAs and COTAs can do this!

Medical Based Home Healthcare Agency

Shainna Young MOTR and CEO of Inspire Home and Health will share her experience as a home healthcare agency with a greater focus on caring for adults with disabilities. Do more than just therapy and provide many other services!

Virtual Wellness/Therapy & Online Business

Dr. Emma Shapiro PT,DPT will go over the perfect side hustle therapy business - online courses and wellness memberships. Perfect for someone who just wants to dip their toe into healthcare business!

Our Speakers

Enjoyed the video and want to learn more? Feel free to email each speaker with questions or hit the "learn more" to learn about each program. Thank you!


Michelle Elisason

MS, OTR, C.D.S, CKTSFounder of Aging with Purpose LLC OT Business Expert and Mentor

Michelle Eliason established Aging with Purpose LLC in June 2016 with a sole mission to enable individuals to live in the place of their choice throughout the aging process despite disease, cognitive deficits, injury, de-conditioning or other ailments.   Post-graduation, Michelle began working as a clinician within the institutionalized long term care setting and later went on to become the Director of Rehab (DOR) of a 100 bed facility. The combination of experience both pre-professional and clinical revealed crucial needs being unaddressed in the community for older adults. With perpetual re-admissions and endless preventable injuries, Michelle began her journey as an independent practitioner and senior community consultant.
Aging with Purpose LLC began as a consulting organization to maximize quality of life among seniors living in senior apartment communities and later became a three-tier initiative offering direct patient care, senior program creation and execution, and support services for caregivers of elderly parents. 

Questions? You can email Michelle at gro.esopruphtiwgniga%40nosailem


Jimmy Stout

PT,DPTFounder of Stout Healthcare - Assisted living contracting agency, 

Stout Healthcare provides Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy services to those in need. Their business model is very unique, they provide Mobile PT, therapy within assisted living facilities, home health and hospice contracting all within their business to provide the complete spectrum of care through the patient's recovery cycle.


Mike Chua

PT, DPTFounder of, TN Therapy Home Therapy, Alternative Healthcare CareersDementia Expert and Mentor

Dr. Michael Chua is a physical therapist practicing in Home Health, Skilled Nursing Facilities and Acute Care Hospital.
He is also the Chief Inspirational Officer for TN Therapy Outsource, LLC and the author of MisUnderstanding Dementia.

Questions? You can email Mike at moc.ecruostuoyparehtnt%40ekim


Shainna Young

CEO Inspire Home and Health

Shainna is an experienced OT of 10 years who has started a home healthcare agency, Inspire Home and Health, specializing in developmental disabilities and neurological conditions through a partner called Optonome. 
Optonome has enabled her to start her own home health agency in confidence, helping her with all the paperwork, compliance, marketing, and finding patients.

Questions? Email Shainna and she'll be happy to help: moc.emonotpo%40olleh


Emma Shapiro

PT,DPTCo-founder of Alternative Healthcare Careers, Business Consultant and Technology Systems Consultant

Dr. Emma Shapiro is a physical therapist, course creator, podcaster, self published author, business mentor, website developer, and helps others simplify their business and helps create business flows that empower therapists to be able to use tools independently. 

Questions? Email Emma at moc.liamg%40sreeracerachtlaehevitanretla

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