Work From Home As A Utilization Reviewer (and also now added, SICC too!)Learn to use your healthcare skills and potentially work from home as a utilization reviewer and also Skilled Inpatient Care Coordinator (SICC) with the help of several therapists turned utilization reviewers and SICC! We've created a comprehensive course to get you hired!

Join the "How to Become A Utilization Reviewer" Course and get insight and guidance on how secure a position working in utilization review.

What is Utilization Review: Utilization review in a nut shell is reviewing medical records for proper billing and documentation. You are ensuring that healthcare professionals are doing their job correctly and are not abusing the healthcare system. 
What does this job entail: This career has no direct patient care involvement and no lifting or manual labor. It is primarily a computer based job that can allow you to work from home. Each day you'll receive charts that you'll need to review for fraud/abuse and either approve or deny reimbursements. 

Why would you want to become a Utilization reviewer? ● This job is 100% non patient care - so there is no heavy lifting or labor involved. ● Some companies hire for 100% remote positions in Utilization Review● You'll get paid a similar (and even potentially higher) salary than a clinical job

Can assistants become a utilization reviewers: To be 100% transparent, YES! But it is harder to find a Utilization Review job as they do prefer OT/PT/SLP. There are companies that specifically hire assistants but there are only a few companies that do this so your job options are fewer.  
I would like to share that we have had one of our students which is a COTA (on 11/10/2020) shared with my that she just performed an interview for a utilization reviewer position! It is possible to get a position and interview as an assistant.

Foundations Of Utilization Review For Rehabilitation Professionals CEU Course:

Course Description:This is a pre-recorded online, on-demand course for rehabilitation professionals to become proficient with the roles and functioning of Utilization Review.This course is designed for therapists to better excel as utilization reviewers and in utilization management. 
This course describes the purpose of utilization review, the roles and responsibilities of utilization reviewers, the basic elements of the UR process, describe the kinds of information that are integral to determining medical necessity and appropriateness of care including clinical guidelines, Medicare, length of stay and prior authorization all to help improve the ability to appropriately perform utilization review.
Course Information:Course time: 2 hours     Course will be provided via pre-recorded power point lessons and individual video recordingsTherapists will be required to complete Google form with a feedback questionnaire and post test prior to receiving certificate
Course Outline:Part 1: Introduction To What Is Utilization Review and Management: 60 min10 min: Describe how and why the utilization review (UR) process was created10 min: Describe the role of the utilization review professional30 min: Review and describe the basic elements that make up the entire utilization review process10 min: Medical terminology, teach the verbiage and language which may be uniquely used while working in a utilization management environment
Part 2: Deep dive into each criteria within the utilization review process and its importance in driving ethical and appropriate medical care: 60 minDescribe information that is integral to determining medical necessity and appropriateness of careDefine clinical guidelines, provide several examples of clinical guidelines, and explain how they are usedDescribe the factors determining a patient’s length of stayDiscuss prior authorization and how it affects length of stayDiscuss diagnosis related groups and how that is relevant in the Utilization review processDifferentiate between the different parts of Medicare and such things including fee for service insurance plans, HMO, PPO, Point of service plans and explain the importance of the appeal and denial processExplore other utilization management considerations (2 Midnight Rule, Status Reconciliation, and 3 Day SNF Rule)
Learning Objectives: By the end of the course, each participant will: -Have a deep understanding of utilization review and the roles and responsibilities one has-A complete understanding of the basic elements of the UR process-Understand the kinds of information that are integral to determining medical necessity and appropriateness of care including clinical guidelines, medicare, length of stay and prior authorization all to help improve one’s ability to appropriately perform utilization review to the best of one’s ability.
Presenter: Liezl Geli PT,DPT
Location: Online, on demand, via Alternative Healthcare Careers (moc.sreeracerachtlaehevitanretla%40ofni)
Target Audience: PT/PTA/OT/COTA/SLP/ATC and other medical professionals
*Quiz and survey required at end of course*Please see bottom of page for cancelation and disclosure policies

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Additional Information and CEU Information:

*We are officially CEU approved for PT/PTA in Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arizona, Alabama for 2 hours. Your certificate can be used for other states as well, please see our reciprocity states.
*We are also officially approved for OT/OTA 2 hours or 0.2 CEUs in the state of Florida, Arizona, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, for 2 hours. Your certificate can be used for other states as well, please see our reciprocity states.
Note: We also keep a record of attendance and can help you if you ever need additional documentation. But please hang on to your certificate of completion as well.
PT STATES PRE-APPROVED THROUGH RECIPROCITY:This means that because we are officially approved in other states, these states have in their state licensure rules that they will approve these courses as well. So you can rest assured that these states will accept this course:
Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida (Rule 64B17-9), Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.
Return Policy: Due to the low price point and nature of this product, we are unable to give refunds. This contains an incredible amount of information on how to help you get a Utilization Reviewer Job in addition to CEU's and support.
Cancelation Policy: As this is a pre-recorded course, we do not have a cancelation policy. 
Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that you will get a Utilization Reviewer Position. This depends on a number of factors including your experience, your desire to apply to multiple positions, and your ability to perform interviews. But we've worked very hard to give you the best chance possible with this course and we are here to support you as best as we can.  

Utilization reviewer is a trending career route. For those looking for an alternative healthcare career, this is one of the top recommended career paths due to it's similar pay as clinical jobs, that you still get to use your skills, and it's potential to be a remote employee.

Here's what else is included in this course: 

Here's the online course outline:What is a Utilization ReviewerWhat are the skills you need to be one?How much does a Utilization Reviewer make?How soon can you start a Utilization Reviewer career?How can you start working from home as a Utilization Reviewer?How to write your resume and cover letter (2 videos on this, one by Bill and one by Emma)How to create a LinkedIn profile that may get you job offersHow to search for UR jobsHow to ace your interviewHow to excel at Utilization Review**Plus 2 case studies going over how to perform UR reviews
This course includes:- Over 4 hours of video training on UR in's outs-2 hour CEU course on how to perform the actual UR skills-4 different therapist turned UR interviews-Sample resume and cover letters-Sample interview questions-List of additional certifications you could get to help your job chances-Private Facebook group-2 hours CEUs for OT/OTA and PT/PTA-Plus FREE professional resume review

Testimonials From Therapists Who Are Now Utilization Reviewers!

"I just wanted to let you know that I found this course very helpful! It really prepared me for my job interview with Utilization Review Companies and gave me a thorough overview of what UR entails". 

Nora signed up for our course an in just 1.5 months secured a job working as a utilization reviewer.

Nora, Occupational Therapist and Now Utilization Reviewer

 "I joined on Thursday and just finished catching up on the webinars. I have learned so much already! It reinforces that this is something I want to pursue and also that I need to make some changes to my resume!

Shelby signed up for the course and quickly was hired by Navi Health for a UR position!

Shelby, Occupational Therapist and Now Utilization Reviewer

"I owe everything to you Bill Daly! Thank you so much for your unending help and guidance! "

Liezl signed up for the course and quickly was hired by Navi Health for a UR position!

Liezl, Physical Therapist and Now Utilization Reviewer

Amy signed up for the course and quickly was hired for a UR position!

Amy, Physical Therapist and Now Utilization Reviewer

My interview went well! I was confident and prepared - thank you to this course!

Isabel signed up for the course and just performed an interview for a UR position!

Isabel, COTA who successfully applied and performed an interview and is now waiting to hear back.

The UR Course was very informative and helpful. I learned more through this course than I have in any other course for quite some time!

Paula, PT

This Course Will Help You Secure Your UR Job In Just 1.5 Months*!

We've created a comprehensive course that walks you through acing your interview, creating your resume, optimizing your LinkedIn profile, inside tactics to finding and securing a position. This course also includes our 2 hour CEU course on "Foundations of Utilization Review for Rehabilitation Professionals". This not only will provide you CEUs but will enable you to stand out in the interview process as this course teaches you the process of utilization review. We believe that by creating students who are already prepared to be a Utilization Reviewer on day 1 of work, that this will dramatically help your success in the interview process as well as in the job role itself.
*While we can't guarantee that you'll get a UR job as it depends on your experience, interview ability and other factors but we've had many students successfully become utilization reviewers in a short period of time!
This is an on demand, watch any time course that includes lifetime access and lifetime updates!

Over 6 hours of content to help you get the job!

We provide you with resume, cover letter templates, interviews with therapists turned UR, simple to follow videos and instruction to help you get 

    All content is on demand, pre recorded so you can watch anytime you would like. 
    Interview, resume, cover letter guides and step by step videos
    LinkedIn profile optimization video
    4 interviews with different therapists turned UR, talking about their advice for interview, resume, cover letter, job searching and getting a UR job in general. 
    4 hours of additional training walking you through the in's and out's of utilization review. 


We really support our course members! I respond to emails within 24 hours and truly do my best to support you and answer any questions you have.

    Get lifetime access and updates
    We created a private Facebook group for questions and answers.
    We perform quarterly webinars with people who are therapists turned Utilization Reviewers.
    Email support with 24-48 hour response time

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Now including a FREE RESUME REVIEW and EDITS worth $199!

All students will now get a FREE resume review and EDITS! Normally you would pay $200 to $400 alone for your resume to reviewed and edited but within this course you get that bonus for FREE (valued at $199 and up!). You'll find instructions on how to redeem your free resume review inside the course. 


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