Learn the high profit rehab model!

Learn the unique business model that follows each patient through their entire recovery process to maximize patient success and profits!


Dr. Jimmy Stout PT,DPT and his speech therapist wife own Stout Healthcare.
Stout Healthcare is run a very unique way - they serve each of their patients throughout the entire recovery process.
He provides PT, OT, and SLP services through mobile rehabiliation, therapy within assisted living facilities, home health and hospice contracting. 
He'll share how you can get started with this business model. And yes PTAs and COTAs can do this!
Watch his Remote Therapy Summit interview to learn more about his story and his business model.

Are you a PT/OT/SLP or assistant who wants to create their own therapy business? 

And who wants to be able to do the following:

  • Do you want to serve patients in the home through mobile care and home health services?

  • 14-exercise

    Do you want to serve patients through the convenient model of contracting in assisted living facilities or hospice facilities?

  • Do you want to maximize your rehabilitation profits and build a business that can quickly scale while still providing amazing care to your patients?

Get the complete high profit rehabilitation model!Join us! Here's what you'll get:

  • Learn how to provide home health care to patients  

  • Learn how to provide mobile care to patients

  • Learn how to contract in assisted living and hospice facilities

  • Learn how to create your rehabilitation business that can grow while still providing incredible and high quality care

  • Learn how to hire therapists and ensure they maintain your core values

  • Learn rehabilitation business basics and systems to help create a streamlined flow that maintains your business

  • Learn rehabilitation equipment you'll need to create your rehabilitation practice

  • and much more!!

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Video And Audio Editing

Get your videos and audio edited for your podcasts, audio books, courses and sales videos by professional video editors that have worked with clients such as the Miami Dolphins.

Interested in any or all of these additional services? Just let us know below and we'll personally contact you to provide you with advice on how to best grow your business with the least stress possible!

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Get the proven model and start your high profit rehabilitation business today!

Join Jimmy as he shares everything he's learned as he's created this unique model while still maintaining amazing care for your patients!
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