Do you have an idea, course, service or program?Let's launch it together!Forget wasting time and money with Facebook ads. Get access to a targeted audience of 20,000+ healthcare professionals and get your information out there with a family of amazing health professionals!


Be the change!

Therapists, whether it be PTs, OTs, COTA's, PTA's, ATC's and really all healthcare professionals, are suffering from burnout or just stagnation in their job.

With your help, we can share your expertise via a webinar, course, or mentorship with the community.

Think you can help, but confused at how to start? No problem!

We help create your outline, teach you how to record yourself (or we co-host your educational webinar) and we put it all together on our website. We'll do all the technical support so that you can focus on your teaching. 

Be able to share your course/program with our 20,000 and growing healthcare professionals!

Stop wasting your money on advertising. Facebook advertising is expensive and complicated. Groups are a growing way to quickly expand your audience, get interested subscribers, and make money for your business.
You are busy working full time. Let's prioritize your skills and knowledge. Let us do your hosting, graphics, support, emails and marketing. 
You just don't want to do this alone. Trust me, it's way better to do this as a team!

How Does The Coach Program Work?


Email or message us

Let's make sure you are a good fit for the group by applying below. Don't worry, we just want to learn about your idea so we can serve you best.


We make a launch plan or creation plan

You have an idea or a program. Let's help share it or create it!


Share your course or service with our 20,000+ member group

Once we are ready, we'll launch this within our group. 

How to start? 

Hi! Simply fill out this form or email us at moc.liamg%40sreeracerachtlaehevitanretla with information about the course or service you would like to help create. 
We'll then schedule a call with you to learn more about you and your ideas. If we feel that you are a good fit, then we'll start creating our launch plan, building your landing page and course, and teach you how to create your outline and what you need to create the program you envision. 
We look forward to hearing the amazing idea you have!

Thank you!

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