Let's Get You Hired In Your Dream Alternative Career!

Specialists To Help You Get Your Alternative Career

Below are coaches and specialists we have teamed up to help you find your alternative "job". We also have many entrepreneurial routes which you can find in the courses tab.


Joanie Johnson

Resume, Interview, Job Search, and Career Coaching

Get your resume and cover letter reviewed by our Alternative Career Coach and OT, Joanie Johnson.


Bill Daly PT and UR, and Lizel Geli PT and UR

Utilization Reviewer CEU Course

In this 3 hour, pre recorded, watch on demand course taught by therapists turned utilization reviewers, Bill and LIezl teach what is a utilization reviewer and what the position entails, how to perform job search, how to ace your resume/cover letter/interview, and how to excel as a UR once hired.  Provides 3 hours of CEU credit for PTs (OT and SLP pending)


Dr. Meredith Castin of the Non Clinical PT

Non Clinical 101

This is a course that provides you with an over view of non clinical career routes, helps you dig deep into your mindset to figure out which one may be best for you, and helps provide application, interview and resume advice within this extensive and professional course.


Dr. Meredith Castin of the Non Clinical PT

Non Clinical Starter Packs

Small pack that includes a resume, interview and job search cheat sheet:
Clinical LIason: http://bit.ly/clinicalliaisonstarterpackClinical Informatics: http://bit.ly/clinicalinformaticsstarterpackClinical Trainer: http://bit.ly/clinicaltrainerstarterpackUtilization Review: http://bit.ly/URstarterpackGeneral Pack: http://bit.ly/generalnonclinicalstarterpack

Video Trainings:

Our YouTube Channel has trainings on remote jobs, side hustles, entrepreneur interviews and starting your own online business! Here are a few top trainings but you can search all our trainings here: https://youtube.com/c/alternativehealthcarecareers.

Job Lists and Links Below

I've gathered a series of different companies that may hired therapists in alternative careers. If you see one that you want to add to this list, please email us at .moc.liamg%40sreeracerachtlaehevitanretla Hope this helps!


These are jobs that would focus on providing clients nationwide with on-site occupational health services and preventative injury programs customized for clients in the manufacturing, distribution and utility industries.


Using the computer, you can share your screen and help patients nationwide from the comfort of your home. Start your own tele health practice or use these companies to find clients.