Alternative Healthcare Careers + Start Your Kids Gym Present'sBuild Your Kids Gym and Playground Business With "How to Start Your Kid's Gym" Course

Learn the steps to starting your own sensory gym with the least upfront investment and the most profit and fun!Leverage your therapy skills to create a gym that is uniquely positioned to build a child's mental and physical strength while earning potentially $9,000 a month!

Who can start a kid's gym and playground?

Pilates-Yoga-Gyrotonic Instructors

Personal Trainers


Literally anyone!

Make a change in your community!


Build a gym for all children, all abilities!

Provide equipment that promotes inclusiveness and developmental skills.


Promote strength, balance, and more!

Provide activities focused on building strength, balance, sensory play, and more.


Provide fun and laughter!

Play, laugh, and have fun while you work. Enjoy what you do everyday while making a difference in your community.

Why Choose To Build Your Own Kids Gym and Playground? Create financial freedom while helping others!

Earn potentially $9,000 a month, like I did! Learn tips and tricks on how I made this much in my first year and how to have clients at your door before you even open!

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About Guiselle Miranda, OTR

Hi! I'm Guiselle! I help people start their own kid's gym with the least investment and most profit while giving the best service!

Development through play is my passion and owning my own kids gym was a dream come true! Let me tell you why: It allowed me to enjoy my work. I got to play all day for work! It allowed me to have a good work/life balance and incorporate my kids into my work. They loved being at the gym and participating in groups! And it fulfilled my family's financial needs. Enough so that I was able to leave my full time job and now I travel full time with my family!

What you'll learn?

Interested in Starting Your Own Kids Gym?
● I will teach you how to start your kids gym in a step by step easy to follow format
● I will provide alternatives to this business model depending on your budget
● I will teach you how I made $ 9,000/month in my first year
● I will teach you how to use social media to market your gym and get potential clients at your door before you open your doors
● I will provide an itemized list of equipment with links for easy purchasing
● I will provide all forms needed: liability forms, sign up forms, automatic payment forms, etc
● I will provide a detailed list of developmental playgroups and resources for leading activities
● I will recommend vendors needed to have a smooth running business
● I will provide an example layout of space
● You will have access to our Facebook support group to answer all your questions throughout your journey

Start Your Kids Gym Step By Step Course

Get your kids gym in a box course and guide to dive in and start your kids gym with the least upfront investment and the most profit and fun!
Included:- Step by step, easy to follow guide- Alternatives to this business model based on your budget- The formula I used to make $9,000/mo in my first year- Basic social media marketing tips to get clients at your door before you open- Itemized list of equipment with links for easy purchasing- All forms needed to start: liability forms, sign up forms, automatic payment forms..- List of developmental playgroups and resources- Recommended vendor list- Sample layout space- Access to our Facebook support group
Just $797!


"The course was very inspiring and helpful. It laid out each step, with all the websites and equipment used. The pictures with the building layout and liability form was especially helpful.
I wanted to get started right away when I read over everything!"

Holly S.

"Gusielle's masterclass has been so beneficial! She shares so much information that can be very confusing without guidance from Guiselle who has been successful. She also provides all of her forms and documents to get you started which is also very helpful if you are starting from scratch. She is also always willing to anwser any questions i have with great advice. 
I highly recommend this masterclass to eliminate the stress of starting a kids gym at such an affordable price with loads of information!

Kelsey B.


Look through the answers to the most popular questions. Didn’t find what you need? Just send us a request and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Why did you start this course?

I have heard so many people complain of their day to day routine job, complain of lack of time for their kids, complain of just feeling unsatisfied. This business model had such a great impact for my family that now I want to share it with you! I want you all to enjoy what you do everyday, have financial freedom, and enjoy the best work/life balance possible. It is possible! I know because I've lived it. You can too and I want to help you get there!

How can your course help me start my kids gym?

This course is a kids gym in a box! It will provide you with everything you need to jump start your sensory gym journey- starting from how to set up your LLC, to purchasing the proper equipment, to marketing your business and having clients at your door before you even open. This guide will help you make the best step by step decisions to have the best outcome with your business and potentially make $9,000 a month in your first year, like I did!

How can I get help?

Requesting help is easy! Sign up for my FREE start up checklist today or request a FREE 15 min call with me if you have any questions. I'm here to help!

Do you have a money back guarantee?

Yes we have a 28 day money back refund policy. Please email us at moc.liamg%40sreeracerachtlaehevitanretla for refunds.

You wont be alone! Meet just a few of your mentors:


Guislle Miranda OTR

Occupational TherapistKid's Gym Owner

Guiselle built a thriving kids gym in just 1 year, making $9,000 each month!
Now she is excited to share how to do this too!


Mike Chua

PT, DPTFounder of, TN Therapy Home Therapy, Alternative Healthcare CareersDementia Expert and Mentor

Dr. Michael Chua is a physical therapist practicing in Home Health, Skilled Nursing Facilities and Acute Care Hospital.
He is also the Chief Inspirational Officer for TN Therapy Outsource, LLC and the author of MisUnderstanding Dementia.


Emma Shapiro

PT,DPTCo-founder of Alternative Healthcare Careers, Business Consultant and Technology Systems Consultant

Dr. Emma Shapiro is a physical therapist, course creator, podcaster, self published author, business mentor, website developer, and helps others simplify their business and helps create business flows that empower therapists to be able to use tools independently. 

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