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  • Myself and Mike love entrepreneurs! But we know that it can be a lot of gather all the paperwork, set up the branding, and perform the promoting needed to launch your side hustle or business - especially when you work full time.
    That is why we've partnered with LUNA. LUNA is a physical therapy platform that helps connect you to patients, without the need for a website, branding, social media groups or other promotions, so that you can see 1. If you like being an entrepreneur and 2. to start earning money quickly and easily.

What is Luna? Check out this video made by Ashley, another physical therapist.

What is Luna?
"Luna provides on-demand, outpatient physical therapy to patients with diverse clinical needs. Therapists practice with Luna to earn extra income, control their schedules, and enjoy focused, patient-centric appointments. Patients get care from Luna because they appreciate the flexibility, convenience, and unmatched customer support. Every Luna appointment is at the patient’s home, gym, or office. Luna accepts most major insurances along with Medicare."

Luna helps you find clients without having to start your own business! So you can start your side hustle in just a few clicks!

Get mobile outpatient practice to help build your skills at the same time as earning money on the side helping people. This could be very helpful for a new graduate looking for more experience.

We listen to your business structure, needs and goals and help come up with a virtual assistant plan that will be best help you!

What do you do at Luna? You help treat patients in their homes as a physical therapist. 

Where are Luna therapists seeing patients?

There are patient appointments offered nation wide. So wherever you live, there may be patients who need your services there. are available for appointments across the United States. In all the neighborhoods we serve, we come to you to make the PT experience as convenient as possible. See our coverage.

What types of patient's do you treat?

● Orthopedic conditions● Sports injuries● Post-surgical rehabilitation● Geriatric care● Neurologic● Women’s health and pelvic floor

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How long are treatments?

During Luna appointments, each visit provides 45-55 minutes of patient-facing time. That is 3-4x the industry standard for time with a PT, enabling better care! 

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Are appointments covered by insurance?

Luna accepts most insurances, including Medicare. There is also a self-pay option for patients who choose to pay out of pocket. Luna handles all of the insurance billing, reimbursement, and claims processes without you having to worry about them.

Do you get to keep your patient the entire time?

The great thing about Luna is that you get keep your patient! Luna tries their best to make sure you keep seeing the same patient's you evaluated. 

How much driving do you do?

Within Luna, you set your location preferences and they try to book you within 30 minutes of travel and even better, the app plans the best driving routes for you. 

Billing and documentation

It's super easy to bill and schedule. You schedule your days and times in the app as well as max 
How does documentation work?Luna provides its Auto-Charting® service to its therapists, whereby therapists submit a phone-based interview for their visit and a chart is automatically generated for their review and sign-off. This approach drastically reduces the time therapists spend on charting. Initial Visits (evaluations) typically take 8-10 minutes to interview and Standard Visits take typically 3-5 minutes.

Pay rate

How much does Luna pay therapists?Therapists are paid a per-appointment rate; you'll have to check your local rate sheet for more information but earnings occur instantly. You'll be an independent contractor.
Also, Luna provides bonuses! The more visits you perform, the more bonuses and amount of bonuses you'll get. 

How many hours do I need to do?

Therapists should be able to be available to provide at minimum 4 visits per week.

What states are currently available:

Please contact moc.anulteg%40eilime or fill out the form below if you want to participate but your state is not yet available. Luna is rapidly expanding and would love to help you be the first in your area!

● California - Bay Area, Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacramento
● Texas - Dallas, Houston, San Antonio
● Washington DC
● North Carolina - Charlotte, Raleigh/Durham
● Ohio - Cleveland, Columbus
● Wisconsin - Milwaukee
● Florida - South Florida/Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando
● New York - New York City, White Plains, Brooklyn
● Pennsylvania - Philadelphia
● Arizona-Phoenix
● Illinois, Chicago
● Georgia - Atlanta
● Delaware - Sussex County
● Virginia - Arlington/Alexandria, Richmond
● Oregon - Portland
● Michigan-Detroit
● Colorado-Denver
● Minnesota, Minneapolis
● Missouri - St. Louis
● Washington-Seattle

How to get started with Luna:


Apply to Luna:● You need a state specific PT license● Transportation● Desired is 3+ yrs of experience● Liability insurance, which costs about $150-$300 per year● In some instances, completing an interview with our clinical director


Onboarding begins:

● Sign an Independent Contractor and Arbitration agreement● Submit a Credentialing packet with current, accurate information● Show proof of liability insurance● Complete a background check (they’ll do that for you)● Submit banking information to receive direct deposit payouts● New Luna therapists must also commit to completing a one-hour onboarding session***Luna does all the credentialing for you. 


Start treating in 1-2 weeks with help from Luna's team

Luna has a dedicated Concierge team that’s ready to help therapists, live: Monday-Friday, 5am-6pm Pacific (8am-9pm Eastern) and Saturday-Sunday, 7am-4pm Pacific (10am-7pm Eastern). The Concierge team can help with scheduling requests, billing questions, and tips for how to get the most out of the therapist app.

Awesome perks - Luna gives you a starter kit! And they also monitor your safety. If you have been at one location too long, they will send an alert to you. 
Luna equips therapists with a PT Starter Kit which is a Luna backpack containing a goniometer, blood pressure monitor, TheraBand's, and other miscellaneous tools and equipment. Therapists are required to source their own treatment table.

Please place your information below to get started with Luna! 

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