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Join this healthcare entrepreneur online training program and launch your business or side hustle today! 

Who is course this for?

-Do you want to earn extra income via a side hustle while working full time or while being a student?-Do you want to create your online FREEDOM business?-Are you frustrated with your current growth and looking for more? -Are you looking to earn additional income to pay off your student loans?-Do you want to learn how create a book, a podcast, a blog, a website, a course, an audio book narrator, or a virtual wellness business owner? 
Then you are in the right spot!

Why choose this course?

Most courses cover only one topic. But in my 3 years of running my online business and side hustle, I can tell you that you need to have well rounded knowledge and skills to succeed. 
What skills do all businesses need?● You need to know how to create a website as well as how to rank on Google without paying for advertising● You need to know how to create emails and create an effective way for people to go from strangers to avid fans of you● You need to know how to use social media and webinars to share your voice● You need to know how to collect payments● You need to know how sell to these clients 

This course covers the business foundations that all people need! But then goes even farther - and gives you the community to help you grow and the additional skills so you stand out from the crowd!

Start And Grow Your Business With This Comprehensive Program

There are tons of healthcare (and non-healthcare opportunities) you can pursue to start your side hustle or online business! 
From tele-health, consulting, health coaching, self publishing, course creating, blogging, and public speaking about your healthcare passions to helping others grow their clinics or share their word with social media managing, video production, website creation, and more- we want to help you achieve a sense of freedom and pride like never before.   
Whatever career path or business you are starting, here are all the things we'll teach you so you can focus on what you do best! Here is what you will learn in the side hustle school:

  • Website Development

    We'll teach you how to get your website up and running and looking great.

  • Podcasting

    Learn all the tools you need, how to use them, and how to use podcasting to grow your brand.

  • Virtual Wellness

    Learn how to create a virtual wellness buisness.

  • Networking

    How do some companies grow quickly or have raving fans? We'll share the secret and teach you how to be loved everywhere too!

  • Social Media

    Learn how to grow your brand on a variety of social media networks including creating Facebook groups or pages.

  • Membership Creation

    Learn how to create a membership community to create recurring income.

  • Course Creation

    Learn how to create online courses to generate passive income.

  • Self Publishing

    Learn how to write and publish your book absolutely FREE plus become an instant authority.

  • Webinar/Live Streaming

    Learn how to share your voice to the masses with Zoom webinars.

Want to earn cash and build skills while in school or while working full time?
Learn how to start your own business online as a healthcare professional!

Join this on demand online course and get access to 15+ hours of content.
Side Hustle School online course outline:This course contains over 15 hours of content and essentially all the topics you'll need a side hustler! Most courses just go over one topic, but then you need another course to understand the technical details or to complete the whole business building framework. This course provides each of these pieces so that you don't have to look anywhere else! 
● Step by step videos on creating your online business● Learn how to find, hire, and use a virtual assistant to grow your business● Social media growth tactics● How to self publish your book on Amazon● How to create your own CEU course● Virtual wellness business● Public speaking how to's● Podcasting Pro Course● Webinar and Live Streaming● Social Media Pro Course● Graphics Creation Pro Course● Website Creation Pro Course● Business Basics Pro Course● How to be an Audio Book Narrator and more!

Bonus Courses Included:


Audio Book Narrator - Learn to be an audio book narrator.


VIP KIDS- Learn to teach English as a second language from home.


Mastermind and Mentoring - Business creation basics.


CEU Creator Course - How to create your own CEU business.


Podcasting Made Simple - Learn to create your podcast, artwork, edit and record, and everything you need to grow your podcast.


Remote Therapy Summit - 10 different speakers providing a different income stream each!

About Your Mentor- Dr. Emma Shapiro PT,DPT, CPD, CMT

I'm so excited to be your instructor along with journey!


I've been a healthcare entrepreneur for 3 years, while also working full time as a physical therapist for 6 years. During those 3 years, I've helped hundreds of therapists start and grow their online business or side hustle.Here are some of my greatest achievements:

  • Amazon Best Selling Author! 

  • Expert mentor: From scratched, I've helped businesses launch and make as much as $2,000 in just 2 weeks - with no audience and no advertising. 

  • Artboard 22

    Co-Founder of Alternative Healthcare Careers, helping grow to 21,000 followers

  • Course creator - I've sold 4 figures in just 1 week without an advertising 

Overwhelmed with creating your own online business? Let us make it for you!

We have several different options. We can just create one item in your business, or the whole business work flow!

Whole Business Creation

-Website-Funnel to get clients into your email list-Email system set up-Social media account creation-Social media content idea and creation for the entire calendar year-And anything more you need specifically for your business

Website -Made just for you

Don't let technology hold you back! Let us build you a website that is easy for you to manage and edit yourself!

Social Media and Blogging Content Creation

Let us save you hours of time and create for you a whole years worth of content that is focused on getting you patients and sales.

Video And Audio Editing

Get your videos and audio edited for your podcasts, audio books, courses and sales videos by professional video editors that have worked with clients such as the Miami Dolphins.

Interested in any or all of these services? Just let us know below and we'll personally contact you to provide you with advice on how to best grow your business with the least stress possible!

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