Alternative Healthcare Careers + Core Therapy and Pilates Present'sPilates Business and Mat Certification

Learn to add Pilates as a new part of your business or create a whole business from just around Pilates. 

Who can add Pilates to their business (or start a Pilates Business)?

Pilates-Yoga-Gyrotonic Instructors

Personal Trainers

Fitness Professionals and Therapists

 Course and Certification Options:

Pilates Mat Certification:

What's included:● The Fascial Anatomy course by Stephen Dunn, MPT, COMT, PMA-CPT ($197 value) ● The Essential Exercises course by Cheryl Dunn, PMA-CPT, Pilates and Gyrotonic Master Trainer ($397 value)  ● Video of the Pilates Mat Exercises by Cheryl Dunn, PMA-CPT, Pilates and Gyrotonic Master Trainer ($997 value) ● Zoom test out with Cheryl. Teach a client a class for final completion ($197 value) ● CORE Pilates Mat Teacher Trainer License for 2 years after completing of program with test out ($197 value) 

Benefits to you for learning the Pilates Mat Exercises: Stand taller after learning these exercises  Improve your posture, core strength and awareness  Improve your sports and recreational performance  Breathe deeper and improve your quality of breathing AWARENESS! MINDFULNESS! 
Benefits for you as a Therapist to go through a Pilates Mat Teacher Training:
New revenue stream Serve your clients after therapy with fitness Teach Pilates in person or onlineNew business opportunities to collaborate Teaching Pilates Mat classes at studios, gyms, event centers as a way to bring more therapy clients to you.  
What is in this Pilates Mat Teacher Training Course? It is a virtual learning opportunity to go through the Pilates Mat exercises from the comfort of your home instead of in person at the studio. Learn at your own pace with a video library. Gain knowledge on fascial anatomy, the essential exercises and the Pilates Mat Exercises. Do the exercises, learn the exercises, feel the exercises and then start teaching the exercises to others.
Total content time is over 15 hours! CEU units for PT's are pending.
Value: over $2000Actual Price Cost: $797 (save over $1300 plus get our bonuses below for another $400 value)

Pilates Business Bundle

What's in this business bundle?1. Pilates for PT’s 101: How To Get Certified in Pilates? Value $197This is not a certification but how to teach you the steps and multipleoptions to get certified locally to with travel.● My Pilates Story● History of Pilates● Pilates definitions● Pilates equipment● Certification Process● Pilates CEU’s● What Pilates looks like in PT
2. Pilates for PT’s 201: Already Certified to Teach Pilates, Time to GrowYour Business - Value $297● Build a New Revenue Source for your Business● Bring a new Revenue Source to a PT Business Owner as an IndependentContractor● Price your Pilates services● Hire a Pilates Instructor to use as an aide for insurance based clinicsMarket Pilates● And learn all the Tips, Tricks and Knowledge from my experience from 15years of studio ownership
3. Mini Course: Pilates Basics for the Physical Therapist: Value $97● Learn to use that Pilates Equipment that is Collecting Dust in the Clinic.● Offer a new service to your existing clientele● Increase your value of what you offer your boss by bringing in a new● revenue source● Start offering a cash back end offer to PT patients that would normally be● lost after discharge to other fitness trainers
2. Mini Course: The In’s and Out’s of the Pilates Equipment with Dr Andy : Value $97● Learn more in depth how to use various Pilates equipment
3. Course: Company Culture at the Studio -Value $97● Get an inside look at a successful therapy and Pilates clinic and how they hire and train their therapists and personal trainers and aides. ● Literally get exact training videos that Core Pilates and Therapy send's out to their new hires. ● Learn the exact on boarding training and systems that Core has in place to successful run their business and have employee's that follow their company culture.
Total Value: $800Actual Price: $497

Why Choose Pilates?

Learn to teach Pilates Mat Classes and grow your business from the comfort of your home! Improve your posture, strength and flexibility while learning how to help serve your clients better too!
Business Owners? Add a new revenue stream by teaching Pilates Mat Classes in person or virtually. 
Work for somebody? Bring a new profit sharing idea to your boss… 
We know you are either burned out in the industry or not working due to Covid-19. If you learn some new skills and learn how to serve more in a time of uncertainty then you will gain and flip this time into a great opportunity. 

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About The Instructors

Meet Stephen Dunn, PT,DPT, co-owner of Core Therapy and Pilates with his wife, Cheryl.

My name is Stephen Dunn. I am a Physical Therapist since 1998 and a Pilates Instructor since 2002, GYROTONIC(R) Instructor since 2009.
My wife, Cheryl Dunn, and I co-own CORE Therapy & Pilates in Austin, Texas. Cheryl is a Pilates and Gyrotonic Master Trainer and we have worked together since 2002 to help keep people stay active and fit, moving away from pain pills and surgery to a healthy lifestyle. We have been training Pilates Instructors since 2006 and have shifted to an online platform for our Pilates Mat Teacher Training.  
 Have you seen your hours cut in 2020? 
Have you been feeling burned out treating so many clients at once? 
Are you tired of watching from the sidelines as others succeed with their fitness business? 
We know that times are tough for Therapists in 2020. If you are looking like every other PT out there with your skill set, not unique at all, then what is your plan? Are you tired of treating patients and them leaving after PT but not being strong enough to your liking? Tired of losing clients to the personal trainers that do not have your education? I have seen all of this in previous PT jobs before opening my own place and focusing on Pilates instead of PT.  
Do you want to have 15 year clients because of your Pilates program? 
Do you want to serve clients virtually with exercise?  
Do you want half your income to come from a wellness program?  
Do you want to keep clients in a fitness program so that when they are injured or need PT that you are already in their circle?  
When we opened our studio in Austin, we were sick and tired of dealing with HMO’s, Workers Comp, Physician Owned Clinics. We took 2 private insurance plans for a decade and then went completely out of network in 2016. We built it around combining Physical Therapy and Pilates. It worked and we have successfully built a studio with half our income from PT and half from our fitness side of Pilates/Gyrotonic private sessions and group classes. We have a full studio of equipment with 5-7 Pilates trainers working with us at a time… Clients know more about Pilates than they do about Physical Therapy!  
Leverage that by offering Pilates to your community. This opens new doors and opportunities to serve more and make more income.  
Help clients in new ways, create new revenue streams by getting trained to teach Pilates Mat and building your Pilates practice.

Is the Core Pilates courses right for you?

Here are some testimonials: Testimonials: 

You wont be alone! Meet just a few of your mentors:


Stephen Dunn PT,DPTCo-owner of Core Therapy & Pilates

Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist
PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher
Certified GYROTONIC® Instructor


Cheryl C. DunnCo-Owner Of Core Therapy & Pilates

PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher
Certified GYROTONIC® Instructor
Certified GYROKINESIS® Instructor
GYROTONIC® Master Trainer


“Andy” Chin-Hueng Tseng
Core Therapist

Physical Therapist
Occupational Therapist
Manual Therapy Certified (MTC)
Certified Pilates Instructor


Mike Chua

PT, DPTFounder of, TN Therapy Home Therapy, Alternative Healthcare CareersDementia Expert and Mentor

Dr. Michael Chua is a physical therapist practicing in Home Health, Skilled Nursing Facilities and Acute Care Hospital.
He is also the Chief Inspirational Officer for TN Therapy Outsource, LLC and the author of MisUnderstanding Dementia.


Emma Shapiro

PT,DPTCo-founder of Alternative Healthcare Careers, Business Consultant and Technology Systems Consultant

Dr. Emma Shapiro is a physical therapist, course creator, podcaster, self published author, business mentor, website developer, and helps others simplify their business and helps create business flows that empower therapists to be able to use tools independently. 

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