Learn To Create Your Podcast In 30 daysPodcasting Made Simple!

Join this on-demand online course that provides 2 hours of easy to follow, concise and tech friendly content to walk you through every step as you create your podcast!


Who is this for?

-Do you want to learn to podcast?-Do you have a podcast but want to learn how to edit your audio and have a scheduling flow for podcast interviews-Do you want to learn how to better market and network for your podcast

What you'll learn:Join me in this 2 hour online course to learn how to make your podcast in confidence and with ease.


Learn how to set your podcast up for success with these principals:

-How to do market research-How to create your avatar-How to name your podcast


Learn how to create your podcast - without having to pay anyone!

-How to record your podcast-How to create your into and outro's with music-How to edit your podcast


Learn to grow your podcast and create a community for success:

-How to find podcast interview guests-How to create system to schedule and record guest interviews-How to network and grow your podcast

If you have any questions, email us at alternativehealthcarecareers.com. Thank you! We hope to see you there!