Want to create your online business and grow without stress?

As therapists and creators of our own businesses that earn 6 figures or more each year, we understand your needs, your struggles. your questions, and your audience.
We learned the biggest limitation for many businesses is time. So we decided to create a digital agency to help you gain back your time so that you can focus on serving your patients/clients and growing your business!
Let us de-stress you and sky rocket your business!


We provide help with every step of your business!

Website Creation and Optimization

We can create a website that is beautiful plus ranks on google with SEO optimization. We have created home modification, pediatrics, occupational therapy, physical therapy, eCommerce, dementia, personal training, online training/wellness, and hand therapy websites so name some niches.

Social Media Marketing

Let us help people find you and rave about you! It's important to be active on social media and we can help you do that in a systematic way by creating a social media content calendar and sharing those posts across platforms for you and in a way that leads to sales and provides you the free time to breath!

Video/Audio Editing

Let us help make your YouTube videos, podcast videos and live streams professional. Simply make your videos and we'll do the rest!

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Create Your Weekly Podcast Show/YouTube Show/Social Media Show

Want to know the quickest way to grow a brand and a business- it's through a show. Why? Because you can get access to each of your interviewee's audience which will rapidly grow your business. In addition, a show gives you accountability to share your voice consistently. We help create your show's branding, graphics each week, your video links, advertising, edit your videos and share to all of your social media platforms.

Create Your Online Course/Membership, YouTube Channel or Podcast

Selling courses and memberships doesn't have to be complicated! Let us help get your course or membership business up and running without the headaches.

Self Publish Your Book To Amazon

Creating a book is one of the best ways you can show your knowledge and authority. It's also a great passive income generator.  

Business Consulting

You may have a lot of other questions and so we are happy to help with specific niche questions and also business optimization or any other business questions.

Re-purposing Your Content Everywhere! 

Take your podcast, webinar, or Facebook live and let us help you be everywhere at once by re purposing your content and distributing it to all platforms you desire. 

Why are we unique?


We speak with you about your goals and make a plan customized to your need and goals.


We prioritize simplicity. We try to pick technology that is easy to use and affordable.


We are therapist run. This means we already know your struggles and we already know your audience. 

Owning a business is very stressful, very time consuming, and there are many tasks which take away from the actual growth of your business.

We want to be there to support you! We want to help you avoid burnout by save you 10+ hours a week in social media publishing and sharing, video editing, audio editing, blogging, and website editing. By focusing on the major tasks in your business, you'll grow better and faster too!

Popular Packages

  • Business Growth Program
    ● SEO focused blog post ● 1 per month published on blog● Social media publishing● 1 post per week shared/spread on Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest● Video training/webinar● 1 video edited per month● Small website edits included● All graphics to social media and video will be included

    We know that starting and growing a business is overwhelming, and you may not know what steps are needed to help you achieve your goals.

    In this program, we meet with you to discuss your goals and work towards these goals with you each month - we are essentially your team, but without having to hire or find employees!

    Within each task, we don't just perform the duty but make sure we are optimizing EVERYTHING - optimal YouTube thumbnails and tags, optimal keyword use in articles, etc. We differentiate ourselves by not mindlessly performing duties but making sure they are done with the highest success rate.

    We've invested money and time to learn how the best do search engine optimization, YouTube, blogging, and video/audio editing so that you can feel confident that what we create will live up to your standards. We are also therapist trained so you can get relatable communication and people who are already knowledgeable with your goals and target audience.

    Our goal is to save you over 10 hours a week, achieve rapid growth within your business, and eliminate the stress from growing your business!

    This program includes the tasks you should be doing each month to grow your brand and generate new leads.

  • Website + Online Course/Membership Creation Program:
    ● Custom website with any online program applicable inputted and ready to sell in 1 week● 1 Personal walk through of your website● 1 month free of additional support

    We know that make an easy to use website which can sell your course or membership can feel daunting. But don't worry, we'll help create a online course or membership business for you that is simple to run and that you can start selling your programs within 1 week!
    We know that you may have questions with your new technology, so we have included a month free of our technical support so that you can feel confident selling your programs knowing that we have your back!

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    Create Your Own Show
    ● Create Your Show Branding and graphics each week● Create your show promotional posts and share on social media● Help guide you on how to be live on camera● Set up all the technology to stream to all of your platforms● In addition, get exclusive access to stream to our 23,000+ Facebook group or to the 30,000+ member Alzheimer and Dementia Support Facebook group

    Live streaming is one of the best ways to grow your brand and business. It allows you to really connect with your audience but it also allows you to get into other therapist's and influencer's audience.
    But being live can be stressful - how do you use the technology, how do you look good on camera and attract followers, how do you share this to all of your social media platforms, how to do you re-purpose your videos....
    With us, you'll have a whole team behind you to help you create a professional show that is simple and easy to run. You just have to show up for the show, and we'll do the rest!

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Testimonials And Website Examples

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize Emma Shapiro for her outstanding services provided for my project. She did an exceptional job on editing my current website, by placing in correct orders, added an excellent articles and uploaded a video demonstrating the usage of my Slouchbegone Back support product. I really do value her expertise and knowledge as a Physical Therapist as well as her skills in Technology. Ms. Emma did an excellent job in revising my website and I strongly recommend her to other people.

Jacob Philemon

Slouch Be Gone, https://slouchbegone.com/

Mike is SO energetic and encouraging! Emma is AMAZING with her broad knowledge of so many techy things from setting up websites, mics for podcasting, SEO for best promotion, logo creation/branding etc. I am learning so much !! I could not be launching my own training business without their ongoing input and guidance.

Cindy Keehn

Engaging Dementia Effectively, https://www.engagingdementiaeffectively.com/


Slouch Be Gone



Debt Free PT



My Wellness Space

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Engaging Dementia Effectively


Who will you be working with? Check out some testimonials about Dr. Mike Chua

Below are testimonials from Dr. Mike Chua's various programs including his Dementia Care Seminar, Dementia Experts and from being a mentor with Alternative Healthcare Careers.

“Mike was incredible. I love his energy and all of the resources he provided the group. He is engaging, fun, and extremely knowledgeable. I’m so glad I took his course!”

Christina MacAuley, CCC-SLP
Speech Language Pathologist

“Highly recommend this course for anyone who is a clinician or a caregiver.”

Robyn Stephenson, OTR/L, PTA
Occupational Therapist and Physical Therapist Assistant

“Dr. Mike is full of enthusiasm and positive energy that made the entire course easy and fun.”

Stephen Oliver Baldo, PT, CLWT, DPT
Doctor of Physical Therapy

“Very interactive, No dull moment, Very informative.”

Reynaldo Morales, PT
Physical Therapist

“Mike was a very engaging presenter. His passion for his work and his servant heart showed through in the way he presented the material. He was able to engage all the attendees throughout the two days and pushed us out of our comfort zone to truly learn how to go out and present the materials to other clinicians and to direct service consumers.

I especially love the additional marketing tools that he provided the group and the continuous encouragement that we go out and teach the material to others and not just sit on the learning we have acquired. “

Kailani B. Talton, OTR/L
Occupational Therapist

“I learned the types of Dementia and how to assist the client to engage in functional activity to prevent or decrease agitation of the caregiver and client. I also learned how to conduct an interview regarding the client’s abilities, physical function and cognitive status to best determine what level of assistance is needed to provide the best support. This course helped me to understand how I can utilize my experience and knowledge to assist those with dementia and provide support the caregiver.”

Yolanda Bowdre, OTR/L
Occupational Therapist

I enjoyed the course! It was amazing and Mike made it super fun for us. I loved it that its via zoom, very convenient for everyone! Ive learned so many ideas on how to manage my patients through the experiences of other clinicians. The course was worth of my time, highly recommended!!!

– Dr. Giselle Tan, PT, DPT