Start Your Tele Health Practice CEU Course

Join our pre-recorded on-demand course to help you treat patients in the comfort of your home as a tele-physical therapy practitioner! 4 hours of CEU credit for physical therapists provided.

Join our 4 hour CEU pending tele-health course to help you set up your tele-therapy practice and treat patients safely over the hippa compliant video conferencing and HEP tool: Therex Portal. 


Who is this for and what will your learn?

    Treatment techniques
    Setting up your cash practice
    Using Therex-Portal and other Hippa compliant platforms
    How use Therex Poral Award winning software! Featured in Forbes and the winner of the National Geographic Chasing Genius Award. 

Get this unique opportunity to earn 4 hours of CEU credits and learn an actionable skill!

If you have any questions, please email us at .moc.liamg%40sreeracerachtlaehevitanretla Thank you!! 


  • How do you get credit?

    Currently we are only approved to provide physical therapy CEU credit in Pennsylvania but you can get credit for other states by simply keeping your information and providing your certificate in audited. 

  • What kind of credit am I getting?

    This was a live event, if you attended the live event than it will count as live credit but if you are attended the pre-recorded event then it will be considered non live CEU credit.

  • If I have questions where do I go?

    If you have technical questions, please email moc.liamg%40sreeracerachtlaehevitanretla but if you have CEU credit issues, please email moc.latropxereht%40troppus as they will be providing your CEU certificate and credits.