Ready To Run Your PT/PTA/OT/COTA/SLP Business With Ease?

  • Get help from PRE-TRAINED therapists and assistants who will serve as your virtual assistant! All of our virtual assistants go through a rigorous training prior to working with you - and we are here to ensure accountability and quality with each of our VAs.

Why Choose Us To Help You Run Your Therapy Business?

We are therapists ourselves who run 6 figure to multi-six figure rehabilitation practices. We have been using virtual assistants for years and know exactly what work flow, what skills and roles a virtual assistant could do to most significantly impact your business.

Save valuable time using a virtual assistant and see your business boom as a result! Earn more and spend more time doing what you love instead!

Our virtual assistants come pre-trained!

We listen to your business structure, needs and goals and help come up with a virtual assistant plan that will be best help you!

What Services Do Our Virtual Assistants Provide?

Answering and Making Phone Calls

Allow our rehabilitation professionals to help take you out of the daily chores of making and taking phone calls about questions and scheduling.

General Administrative

Our Virtual Assistants can help with email and calendar tasks.● Reading & responding to your business emails● Scheduling & rescheduling your personal clients● Adding new business contacts to your database● Cover your phone & email while you are on vacation (oh yes!)

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Client Management

● Setting up new clients in your EHR● Sending intake documents to new clients● Responding to client requests for rescheduling● Sending appointment confirmations & out of office reminders● Responding to secure text messages with clients

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Insurance Verification

Our Virtual Assistant's will make sure your clients can use their insurance for your treatments and services. ● Checking benefits online● Verifying daily co-pays collected vs. appointments completed● Sending monthly invoices and/or statements to clients● Updating credit card information● Following up on unpaid client sessions

Human Resources and Billing

● Sending weekly reports to therapists with outstanding client balances● Sending weekly reports to therapists for missing or unlocked notes● Assisting with client turnover, i.e. when a therapist leaves your practice● Helping to screen new hires for a group practice● Calculating & entering payroll numbers● Checking with insurance companies about paneling status

Digital Marketing

● SEO (Search Engine Optimization)● Blogging● Website editing● YouTube and video editing● Social Media Marketing

Hi! We are therapists helping you grow your physical, occupational or speech therapy practice!

Let us help you grow your six figure therapy practice with peace of mind and free from burnout!

Dr. Mike Chua is a successful physical therapist who is owner of TN Therapy Outsource. He has grown his mobile practice, which also includes independent and assisted living contracts, to a multi-six figure business. 
He has several locations around Tennessee and has been using virtual assistants for years to successfully run these practices with rave reviews! He knows what roles are key for VA's within your practice, what tasks they need to perform, how they should perform it and what technology you need to use to effectively work with these VAs. 
Having these systems has enabled him to run his therapy business as well as several other businesses, and still have time to spend with his amazing family! 
Let us create the systems so that you have this freedom and lifestyle as well! 




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